Sleeper Agent released their debut album only three years ago and have made massive leaps in the time since.

After a few gigs as a musical duo, guitarist Tony Smith and drummer Justin Wilson recruited the young Alex Kandel as a vocalist, discovering her working as a barista and singing on open mic nights. The band gained their current lineup after recruiting Lee Williams, Scott Gardner, and Josh Martin.

The six performers were soon after discovered by producer Jay Joyce, who prompted them to record their debut LP, Celabrasion, which was released in 2011. The six performers have since played everywhere from Coachella to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and more! Their latest, second studio album, About Last Night, dropped this March and has been a huge success, featuring hit tracks such as Waves,!

Like what you hear? Check out the in-studio interview with the band moments before they hit the stage at Waterplace Park and the exclusive WBRU recap video below!