A producer/songwriter from Austin, TX, Max Frost has been a musician from the age of eight. Frost began playing shows at the age of twelve and grew up to eventually leave behind the University of Texas, where he was studying English, to pursue his solo career in music. Frost left the university in September of 2012 and signed with Atlantic Records, releasing his debut EP, Low High Low, this past October.

After beginning with the guitar at the age of eight, Max Frost developed his eclectic style from an early age and soon was inspired to fuse his sound with elements from different musical styles. Max credits artists like Erykah Badu and D'Angelo for inspiring his to incorporate hip-hop elements and modern rhythms into his vintage tones. Max aims to give the listener the sense that they can insert themselves into any of his songs.

His single, White Lies can be watched below! Frost has said of his first EP that the songs all connect to polar emotional states in life - highs and lows - giving the EP its name. Wanna hear more about the new EP? Check out the exclusive in-studio interview from last week below!Followed by exclusive photos from the concert with Roz and the Rice Cakes in Waterplace Park!

Here are some of our favorite moments from the epic event! Photos courtesy of Tim Siekiera.