For L.A.-based four-piece Saint Motel, every song holds the possibility for a spontaneous party. "That perfect moment in time where it feels like anything is possible. The kind of party where anyone is welcome but only a select few are invited," says frontman A/J Jackson, whose bandmates include guitarist Aaron Sharp, bassist Dak Lerdamornpong, and drummer Greg Erwin. "It's all kinds of people mixing together, and looking for these perfect, organic moments of beauty and danger."

As heard on Saint Motel's breakout single "My Type," that thirst for joyful eclecticism gets channeled into a retro-futuristic brand of pop that's big on bright melodies, shiny hooks, loungey rhythms, and clever yet candid lyrics. The title track from Saint Motel's most recent EP (released in the US by Elektra earlier this year), "My Type" went top 10 at Alternative radio while Entertainment Weekly heralded it as a contender for "song of the summer." And with its sly send-up of mod-world mystique—achieved thanks to the eye of Jackson, former film student who directs most of the band's video output—the "My Type" video has now racked up more than 6.4 million views on YouTube.

Saint Motel played FOR FREE with openers and 2015 WBRU Rock Hunt Finalists, We Were Astronauts, on Friday 7/31 at Waterplace Park!
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