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On one hand, you've been thinking about remodeling for a long time and you've dreamed of living in a space you love.

On the other hand, you have no idea where to start, how much it's going to cost or who to trust.

But there IS good news! Introducing...
The Synergy Way

Doing things the Synergy Way is really doing things your way - only with our expert guidance and our proprietary Renovation Road Map. This system has helped many homeowners in the greater DC area just like you navigate the remodeling journey from beginning to end.

And the good news keeps coming: By working with us, our clients have saved time, money and frustration on their renovation projects.
Unlike most builders, our journey began as a design firm developing roadmaps for our clients by providing the plans and details for quality construction.

We worked with homeowners to completely design their project, provided the plan to reputable contractors, and acted as their advocate through the construction phase.

After a while, we found our clients were repeatedly asking us if we would build their projects for them. Read More