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Warrior Global Guitar is a design facility of high quality handmade guitars for professionals, collectors and enthusiasts. We believe with our whole heart that warrior is a total experience. Style, class and superior sound has evolved through a heart-felt commitment to excellence. The divine guidance continues to lead us in grace and produce teamwork that makes the dream work.
The Krank Krankenstein 100W Tube Guitar Head is a beautiful amp that's built to play hard. This 2-channel, all-tube, high-gain monster comes stock with Sovtek 5881 power tubes and Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tubes. The Clean channel is warm and buttery, with the hint of breakup that Dime required to get his classic clean tones. The Dime channel gives you just what you expect - searing metal and classic rock tones. No pedals, EQs, or processors needed for that signature Dimebag Darrell sound.
If you have not yet played a Caparison, you're missing out on a guitar player's dream. From the attention to detail, to the precision build quality, Caparison steps it up in all areas. Caparisons are favored amongst metal players worldwide for they're ease of playability, tuning stability and amazing neck profile. Even when it comes to tuning down to dropped C or B there is no match!

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